Dos And Don'ts Of Making The Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Dos And Don'ts Of Making The Wedding Reception Seating Chart

5 December 2017
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Once you find the perfect banquet hall for your wedding reception, celebrate the completion of one of the biggest challenges of wedding planning. What comes next is often figuring out the seating chart for that wedding reception. This is where things can get tricky if there are complicated situations, feuds, or drama among family and friends. Simply follow these dos and don'ts for creating your seating chart to help keep a sense of peace and serenity at your wedding reception.

Do Keep Your Wedding Party Close

If you can include your wedding party at the table with you and your fiancé, that is a nice gesture to acknowledge their dedication and contributions to your special day. (Save room for their dates there, too, if possible.)

If not, try to create a table for just the wedding party and do something extra special for them. Immediate family members like the father of the bride should get a priority place in the seating arrangements, too.

Don't Forget to Look at it from the Guests' Perspective

When you are making your seating chart, be sure to think of each of your wedding guests. If you have a single friend who isn't bringing a date, try to place the person next to people he or she knows, or otherwise try to place the guest near friendly, outgoing attendees who are sure to make the person feel comfortable.

If there is any drama among guests, try to seat them far apart. Do this in a subtle way, though. If both are members of the same family, you may place some family members at a table with one person, and place other family members at the table with the rival. If you are particularly close to one of the feuding guests, you may even ask for the person's feedback and preferences.

Do Ask for Help if You Need It

When you are planning a wedding, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It's okay to ask for help. Nobody should plan a wedding alone. Whether you ask for help in the form of assistance from a professional wedding planner or simply enlist the help of a friend in helping you make seating chart decisions, reach out for what you need.

Finally, keep in mind that your wedding is your special day. Ultimately, you should create a seating chart that best meets your own wants and needs. These dos and don'ts are great to keep in mind, but be sure that you and your fiancé are ultimately happy with the seating chart. That's the most important thing. 

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