Are You Wanting To Learn More About The Holy Land?

Are You Wanting To Learn More About The Holy Land?

6 March 2018
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Have you decided that this is the year that you want to learn more about the Holy Land? Perhaps you love to read the Bible and you have always had the dream of learning more about the places cited in the pages of that inspiring book. You may want to combine a learning experience with the opportunity of having spiritual experiences as you travel the same places where Jesus Christ and the Twelve Disciples walked. You might want to experience the culture that exists in the Holy Land now, to see how modern life and ancient history exist side by side. From continuing your studies to arranging for educational travel services, here are some ideas on how to learn more about the Holy Land in person.

Continue Your Studies - Even before you plan your trip to the Holy Land, consider getting to know the geography of the places that you read about in the Bible. For example, where exactly is the River Jordan? Where is the Sea of Galilee? Where is the Western Wall? Besides knowing the geography of the Holy Land, study the culture that is within the pages of the New Testament. You might be surprised at how things have changed over the years. You might also be surprised at how things have remained the same in many ways. Think about taking a class with an instructor who has great knowledge of the scriptures. Write down questions that interest you so that you can ask them in class. Also, write down places that you want to see in person.

Arrange Your Education Travel - Have you considered traveling to the Holy Land with a group of other people who have the same interests you do? If so, consider contacting a service that arranges for educational travel. You might find a contact for this service right at your own place of worship. Or, consider going through an agency that specializes in educational travel.If you live in the United States, you will probably fly into a main city like Madrid before you connect to the airline that will take you right into Jerusalem. Your educational travel service will instruct you before hand what travel documents you will need to take with you. Be ready to be thoroughly checked as you go through customs. And, then be ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you travel to places like Caperneum, Jericho and the amazing city of Jerusalem. Your education travel service will have guides that can instruct you as you go to your different destinations.

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