Gift Ideas For Birdwatchers

Gift Ideas For Birdwatchers

4 June 2018
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If a friend or loved one is a passionate birdwatcher, treat her to a gift that celebrates her favorite hobby on the next special occasion. Whether she's a long-time or novice bird lover, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift that will show how much you care.

Depending on your budget, give just one bird-inspired gift, such as a birding guide, or design a basket filled with all of the things she needs to enjoy a day in the field. If you're getting just one item, a birding guide, such as from Green Maya, is the most practical, especially if the recipient is new to birdwatching or is going on a upcoming trip.

There are several different types of birding guides to choose from, so consider the birdwatcher's location and level of expertise when picking the perfect one. One option is a traditional guide, which is filled with pictures of a wide variety of birds with descriptions of of their plumage and range maps. 

There are also field guides, which are best for experienced birdwatchers, as they give detailed descriptions of each bird and comprehensive coverage on their habitats. You can also get location-specific bird guides, such as ones for North or South America. 

Here are some thoughtful and useful gifts for the birdwatcher in your life:

1. Bird Feeder

In addition to a local birding guide, give the avian enthusiast a bird feeder that she can use to draw a variety of birds to her yard. She can use the guide to learn more about birds in her area. 

You can choose from several different types of bird feeders, such as rustic wood or decorative and elaborate models. Include a bag of wild bird seed to round out the gift.

2. Binoculars 

Design the ultimate bird-watching gift box or bag with a comprehensive birding guide and a pair of high-quality binoculars, which is an essential item for bird lovers. Whether the recipient uses the binoculars to view birds from her window or to get an up-close look at them on a forest hike, she's sure to appreciate them. 

There are binoculars at every price point and if you want to enhance the gift further, include a scope that attaches to the binoculars for magnified, long-distance viewing.

3. A Journal and Colored Pencils 

If the birdwatcher is also an artist, surprise her with a journal and colored pencils along with the birding guide, so that she can record the different types of birds that she sees. Non-artists can use a journal to take notes while out in the field.