Tips For Packing For A Guided African Safari Tour

Tips For Packing For A Guided African Safari Tour

18 June 2019
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A Serengeti safari eight-day tour is the trip of a lifetime for many people, and it can be an amazing feeling to book your African safari tour and know that you will have a dedicated tour guide to help ensure that you thoroughly enjoy every minute of your vacation. However, after your African safari tour is booked and your trip grows closer, you may realize that you have no idea what to pack. For many people, an African safari tour is the first time they have been to any of the countries in Africa, and they don't know quite what to expect. If you have booked a guided African safari tour, use the following tips to help you pack:

Try Not to Over-pack

It is not uncommon for people to over-pack for a vacation, including African safari tours. Your traveling experience, both on flights to Africa and moving between lodges, will be much easier if you pack as light as possible. Most reputable safari lodges offer laundry services, so you can get by with having just a few days worth of clothing changes and then have your clothing laundered. If you're traveling with other people on your safari, try to consolidate all of your belongings to the fewest number of suitcases and bags possible.

Focus on the Basics

When it comes to clothing, you don't have to worry about being super fashionable when you're going on a guided African safari tour. You are much better off choosing comfort and function over style. Your best bet is to pack a few short-sleeve cotton t-shirts, a couple long-sleeve cotton t-shirts, a vest, a couple of pairs of durable pants, hiking boots, and one or two hats to wear while out on safari. It is also a good idea to have a lightweight jacket or rain slicker, especially if you are traveling during the wet season.

Bring Extra Toiletries

A good rule of thumb is to carry a supply of necessary toiletries in your carry-on luggage, and then pack extra toiletries in your checked luggage. Many lodges that are used during African safari trips are located in remote areas, so it can be very difficult to find any stores to replenish your supplies if you happen to run out. When it comes to items like toothpaste, contact solution, over-the-counter medications, insect repellent, and other toiletries, it is better to have a little extra on hand instead of not enough.