Differences Between Land Trips And Ocean Cruises Provided By The Same Name In Travel

Differences Between Land Trips And Ocean Cruises Provided By The Same Name In Travel

24 September 2019
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As you might imagine, there are several differences between the trips you take to land locations for a vacation and those you take aboard a cruise ship. Even when the same iconic travel companies are in charge of both land and sea vacations, there are still significant differences between land tours and cruises. Here are some examples of what you can expect when you book the same company's ocean cruise versus their land resort vacation. 

Higher Caliber Meal Plans

Fast food on an ocean cruise? Not likely. There may be a few select menu items available at the on-land resort that are also offered on board the company cruise ship, but usually these items are just to please fussy kid eaters. The menus on board the cruise ships are of much higher quality and caliber, since it is more likely that adults will be taking the cruise and the kids may not be along for the ride. 

More Adult Activities on the Ship

On land at the company resorts, there is typically a lot more entertainment for kids than adults. That is part of the attraction for popular family destinations. While there are still plenty of kids' activities on the ship, there is significantly more for adults to do, and there is always a babysitting service available for parents that want much more time to themselves. Adults can even go into a casino on the ship or have drinks in any one of several bars on the ship. Just ask a travel agent about all of the adult options available on a cruise line, and you will be quick to discover that the cruises are generally geared more towards adult travelers. 

More Room in the Rooms

Popular family destinations on land tend to crowd you and the kids together in one small room. The bathrooms are even smaller and more difficult to maneuver in the mornings when everyone is trying to get some privacy to get dressed. You could pay for an adjoining room for the kids, but then you still have to keep the doors open to keep an eye on the kids. On the ship, each cabin has more room than a typical resort room on land. Better still, most rooms come with a sofa sleeper, so if there are more adults or more kids trying to fit into one cabin, there will still be enough places for people to sleep there.