Getting To Know The Boutique Hotel: The Other Places To Stay

Getting To Know The Boutique Hotel: The Other Places To Stay

8 May 2020
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The place you choose to stay when you go on vacation can make or break a trip. You have a lot of options, from Airbnbs and vacation homes to hotels and motels. However, boutique hotels really can be deserving of traveler attention. 

What exactly is a boutique hotel?

In general terms, a boutique hotel is one that is not part of a large hotel chain. Whereas you can easily track down hundreds of hotels owned under the Wyndham or Choice Hotels name, boutique hotels tend to be owned by a sole private owner and not part of a franchise. Boutique often gets used in place of terms like "small" or "trendy," and this applies in terms of these hotels as well. 

How does a boutique hotel differ from a hotel that is part of a chain?

Because these establishments operate independently, they do not propose a strict style or layout standard. These hotels can have unique designs and attractive selling points you may not find with big-name places. For example, a boutique hotel may be specifically designed to fit in with the setting where the hotel is situated; a country hotel in wide-open areas of Texas may have chic cowboy-centric decor. Other differences can exist that veer away from hotel industry standards as well. For instance, a boutique hotel may serve both breakfast and dinner and have earlier check-in times or late check-out times. 

How do you find boutique hotels?

Boutique hotels are best found by delving a little deeper than your usual search online for a place to stay. Since most big-name hotel chains dominate the majority of the ad space on Google and travel sites, you are not likely to find boutique hotels given as top search results no matter where you are looking. Search a little further for hotels that are small and conservative and have the attributes of typical boutique hotels. Remember, these hotels do not always come along with the obvious "boutique" label in their descriptions. 

What is the best way to figure out which boutique hotel will be a good place?

You can find reviews for boutique hotels just the same as you can other types of hotels. You can usually find reviews of these hotels on general travel websites like Travelocity, TripAdvisor, and Since these hotels tend to be smaller than the big-chain places, they are not quite as frequented, and there may not be as many reviews available. 

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