Things That You Can Expect To See During An Alaskan Cruise

Things That You Can Expect To See During An Alaskan Cruise

19 October 2020
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When you take an Alaskan cruise, the ship will offer a wide range of things that will keep you entertained. Nightly shows, plenty of things to eat and drink, and the fun of wandering around the ship and discovering all that it has to offer can provide hours of entertainment. Don't forget that you're cruising through one of the most beautiful natural areas of the world, though, and that means that you should seek out things that are unique to the area. You'll usually have a chance to book a variety of day trips and tours, and doing so can go a long way toward augmenting your enjoyment of the cruise. Here are some things that you may have a chance to see.


If you're a lover of wildlife, you'll get a chance to enjoy it up close when you take an Alaskan cruise. In some cases, you'll see examples of wildlife from the cruise ship, but booking an excursion can give you a better chance to witness a variety of animals that you've likely never seen outside of a zoo. Whale watching excursions are popular as day trips during Alaskan cruises. You may also have a chance to rent a kayak and paddle along the shore or go upriver with the chance of seeing otters playing.

Dog Sledding

You may also have an opportunity to go dog sledding as one of your day tours during your Alaskan cruise. This is an experience that you don't want to miss, as it can be highly memorable. In many of these excursions, you aren't simply a passenger. Instead, you may get a short tutorial on how to lead the dogs and then have a chance to drive your own dog sled along a set route. It helps that the dogs are highly trained and experienced, so they'll know exactly where the route goes.

Glacier Tour

Another day trip that may be available to you is to climb aboard a helicopter and soar over one of the many glaciers in the area. Most people never get to see a glacier in real life, much less by flying over it in a helicopter, so this excursion can also be one that is highly memorable for you. If you've occasionally experienced motion sickness and the idea of a helicopter flight has you feeling queasy, look for a kayak excursion around a glacier — and be sure to wear an action camera to capture the moment.

For more information about tours and cruises in areas like Alaska, contact a local travel agency.