Tips For An Even Better Wine Tour

Tips For An Even Better Wine Tour

4 November 2021
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Going on a wine tour is always exciting! You get to sample wines, tour various wineries, and spend time with your friends. But what if you want to have a great time and not just a good time? Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Don't go to too many wineries.

Wine is delicious, but if you drink too much, you start to experience some diminishing returns. You won't typically learn as much or have as much fun at the 7th winery you visit as at the 3rd winery you visit. So, to have an exceptional wine tour, make sure you don't visit too many wineries. Visiting five tends to be about the limit for one day. If you consider yourself a light drinker, you may want to stick with three or four.

Ask questions.

When the winery owners or employees are pouring you wine, do not be afraid to stop them and ask some questions. If they use a term you don't understand, ask what it means. If you're not sure why a wine tastes a certain way, ask! The owners and employees of the wineries want to give you meaningful information about wine and wine tasting, but since not everyone comes in with the same level of knowledge, they often rely on questions to know which information is most worth sharing. 

Keep a list of wines.

As you go from winery to winery, keep a list of wines you've tried. Next to the name of each wine, write down some tasting notes. Over time, this will help you narrow down which types of wines you like, and which ones you don't like. For example, you may notice, at the end of the tour, that you really liked all the chardonnay you tried, but you didn't like the rieslings. 

Say "yes" to the food samples.

If a winery gives you the option of tasting various foods alongside your wines, take advantage of this option. Some wines are simply better with certain foods. If the winery wants to serve their wines with food, it is probably because they're best enjoyed that way. Why not enjoy them to the fullest?

Wine tours can be tons of fun, and if you follow the tips above, you will have even more fun than usual! Of course, you need to bring a few awesome friends along, too. Wine is always better with friends.

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