Top Reasons Why You Should Travel The Fox River Bike Trail

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel The Fox River Bike Trail

23 February 2023
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You might be someone who enjoys riding your bike along city streets and visiting new shops and restaurants. It could be you prefer to hit the tree-lined trails in a more rural setting and get back to nature. If you enjoy a combination of either of these rides, then you might want to think about planning your next bike trip along the Fox River bike trail.

The Fox River bike trail offers a variety of scenery and things to do along the way for any bike rider's enjoyment. Here are some top reasons why you should travel the Fox River bike trail.

Easy To Access To The Trail

There are some bike trails that aren't that easy to access for some riders. They may be too remote to take transit or require an SUV or four-wheel drive car to reach. The Fox River bike trail, however, offers easy access to anyone who wishes to ride the pathways.

It's possible to get to the trail either by car, as there is parking in multiple locations along the route. You can also access the trail by train. The local train system allows bikes on their cars so you don't have to worry about needing a vehicle to reach the bike trail. There are station stops along different parts of the route depending on where you would like to begin your ride.

There Are Towns To Visit On The Trail

For bike riders who like riding through towns or cities, the Fox River bike trail offers a combination of biking tree-lined paths and takes you through numerous smaller cities and towns. This gives you the chance to see some towns that you might not have visited before on previous trips to the area.

For example, you can stop and enjoy some shopping in Aurora where you can browse the shops, enjoy a coffee, or relax and listen to a concert in the park. There is also the town of Batavia where you can enjoy looking through a vintage record shop and music venue. If you enjoy art, the town has galleries and a historic railroad museum.

Enjoy Nature Along The River

If you are more of a nature lover, the Fox River bike trail offers plenty of chances to enjoy the wildlife along the river. You can see migratory birds nesting nearby, or watch kayakers paddle on the river. You can check out the Red Oak Nature Center and see the turtle and fish habitat.

You can also enjoy the preserved lands of Native Americans along the trail. You can take a break from riding and enjoy a farmer's market in the summer or stop at one of the numerous lookouts along the river to enjoy the view.